Thursday, April 07, 2005

We have a President...and no it is NOT Saddam!!!

So Jalal Al-Talabani was elected president of the new Iraq today (or yesterday since it is 12:12AM eastern time now)…I, personally, don’t have any strong feelings towards this choice as of now. I mean I think it is great that a president was chosen from one of Iraq’s minority groups-the Kurds. Also, I don’t know much about Al-Talabani, but I like that he is a supporter of secular Iraq, and that put my mind at ease a little about the possibility of an Islamic government in Iraq. I guess I will have to read more about the man before I make judgments about him, but I feel like there might have been more qualified people for this position. Nonetheless, let’s wait and see what he can do in his few months before the next elections in December.

Now on to the BEST part of all of this for me….I heard in the news that they made Saddam watch the elections of Jalal Al-Talabani by placing a TV in his jail cell….how awesome is that!!! I absolutely would have loved to see him during that time sitting in his cell all alone in front of the TV mourning himself and the condition he got himself into….I am pretty sure other Iraqis feel the same way, and just being reminded where this awful monster resides now brings joy to most Iraqis. I know sometimes we might forget where the criminal Saddam is now since they don’t show or mention him in the news anymore (at least not in American news channels or LBC news which is all I watch), but we should always remember something as important as this because it helps us to keep our morale up! I don’t watch Al-Jazeera and I am sure I do not have to explain to my fellow Iraqis why that is, since you all understand very well the damage that this defective news channel brought to the Iraqis through its deceitful stories that supposedly showed the Iraqis’ point of view to the world. But let me not get carried away in talking about Al-Jazeera because that is not my topic for today, and to talk justly of this channel would require me to write a lengthy report, so let’s leave that for another time shall we?

Thus, Iraqis still have a reason for optimism…In fact, the choosing of the president today should provide us with more hope knowing that we are moving towards that long awaited democracy….sure we are still taking baby-steps, but that is just natural: we start with baby-steps, then its on to walking, then jogging, and finally running full-speed until we reach the finish line: our goal of true Democracy!!! Let’s be careful, however, that we do not allow anyone to cripple our movement or God-forbid injure us permanently. We must stick together, all of us, in order to achieve our dream….and electing the Kurdish leader today as the leader of all Iraqis is one step towards realizing that dream.

God Bless the new Iraq and all of the Iraqi people!!! (Oh no! looks like I’m watching too many of George W. Bush’s speeches…oh well, what can I say? I love the man).

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