Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm baaaaaaaaaack

Ok I know I promised a new post by Sunday, so this is why I’m writing a short update despite the fact that I felt like slacking off today after my big test and doing just absolutely nothing. I had such a relaxing day today, which I believe everyone deserves after taking a test like the MCAT. I even broke my diet today and ate cheesecake (my absolute favorite desert of all time!!!) when I went to a small reception party at my college for a program I am participating in next year. Everything was going great, the weather was beautiful and sunny, and I was just in a good mood for some reason (the reason being the feeling of relieve of course).
If you are wondering how I did on my test, well I have a good feeling about it overall. I was able to finish the questions before time was up, which is really something for a test like this since we barely have enough time to finish all the questions. But I cannot tell you for sure how I did until I receive my score, which won’t be for another two months!!! Yes, guess they are a little slow in grading the nationwide test (even though its scantron except for the essay part). For those who don’t know what scantron is: it is a sheet that is numbered and next to each number there are four bubbles with the letters A through E, it is used for multiple choice questions and it is graded by a machine…in other words, they don’t grade the test manually and for the life of me I can’t figure out why it takes them such a long time to grade it.

Enough about me….on a completely different topic, I saw an interview with Jalal Al-Talabani the other day on LBC. I really liked most of his answers until the part where the interviewer asked him right after he said that he was for a secular government that respects Islamic parties at the same time, whether the law in Iraq will then not be based on the Islamic Share’a, and he answered “of course it will be based on the Share’a”…hmmm, I am sorry where is the secularism in that? Did I miss something? And how is that same “law” going to ensure the rights of people of different religions?

I think I am about to join the many pessimists about the Iraq situation…I have tried to stay optimistic and see the positive in everything…I have already seen so many optimists fall into pessimism after they lost their hope, and I promised myself I wouldn’t be one of them and that I will remain hopeful about the future of ALL Iraqis….sadly, I must say that I am at the edge now and just a little wind blow in the wrong direction will definitely push me to the pessimists’ side.

I will try to make my next post more cheerful…need to think of a more cheerful topic…any ideas? There doesn’t seem to be much cheerfulness in the world these days :(

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