Saturday, June 17, 2006

War or Soccer?

The whole world is busy these days watching the FIFA World Cup as it happens to be the most widely watched game ever…I am enjoying these games as well and cheering for my favorite teams…this is the first year that I am so into the World Cup that I am following the games very closely.

As I was watching these many games I got a creative idea that will of course never happen in real life. I was telling my brother that humans are idiots for having wars and fighting each other over issues that I consider to be insignificant, such as land. Throughout humanity’s history there have been many wars where people die and countries get damaged. The more advanced our technology becomes the deadlier these wars are becoming.

But why do we have wars to settle our disputes? Why is war the best idea that humans came up with?

I have a better idea….game matches! Yes, sports’ matches…there is a dispute between two countries over a piece of land? Fine, they can arrange a soccer game where the winning team’s country gets the land…or we can have it be best 2 out of 3 matches. Would that not be a beautiful solution? No lives lost, no homes destroyed, no gunshots and missiles heard. Instead of a military, countries can have teams…hell, they can even call their teams “military” if they like this word that much…and if we have multiple countries involved in a dispute, it’s still not a problem…instead of starting a World War, we can have the World Cup with specific rules and regulations to settle the disagreements fairly.

Now you seriously tell me this isn’t a better solution to resolve disputes between countries than war…why don’t humans choose good clean solutions to their problems, but always prefer the gory, violent, and messy answers to get out of a difficulty? Perhaps, it is as that famous ancient philosopher said (whose name I cannot recall right now) that man is evil in nature…I am starting to believe that more than what the other philosopher who countered his argument said that man is good in nature but it is the environment that makes him do evil things (as you can see I am really bad in recalling names, but anyone who has studied some ancient philosophy would know who I am talking about…I hope).

At any rate, I really think this amazing insight of mine is much better than war wouldn’t you say? Hmmm, maybe I should be made president of a country so that I can start working on this war alternative of mine…I personally would vote for soccer matches since that is the only sport I like, but I would be open to suggestions for other sports as well (basketball, baseball anyone?).

Oh, and if you are wondering how can dictators be removed this way…it’s simple…if the dictator’s team loses the match, the dictator gets removed. And any country can beat the dictator’s team…why? Because if he is a dictator, then that means his team would be poorly trained since everyone knows a dictator does not take care of the people of his country. In fact, his team, even if well trained, might purposefully lose the match so that he gets removed from power, and that way their country is freed without the people getting slaughtered daily!