Friday, April 28, 2006

whose fault is it?

With the situation in Iraq worsening every day, and the civilians lives becoming more and more unbearable, people want to point the finger on someone. But who is to blame? Who is responsible for the stray bullets, the car bombs, and the daily explosions that are killing innocent civilians? Who is responsible for the stalled progress of all aspects of life in Iraq? There is still no steady electricity or water, why? The new government is still very unstable and the members of parliament cannot seem to reach an agreement on ANYTHING, whose fault is that?

Iraqis have many questions; their lives are miserable and they are fed up with the insanity that has become a daily routine of their lives. In their despair, they want to point the finger on someone; by pointing the blame on someone other than themselves they can just throw their arms in the air and say there is nothing they can do about it.

So who is to blame?

Some like to blame the U.S…I’m sorry but I do not see the U.S. killing civilians randomly, so how is the U.S. responsible for the many civilian deaths occurring daily? I am not saying the U.S. is doing everything right there because certainly they are NOT. They have made, and continue to make many mistakes, especially in terms of the reconstruction efforts; putting the money in the hands of people who should not be trusted and such. However, in terms of the security situation, which should be a priority to resolve, the U.S. is trying to keep things calm and fight the insurgents to restore security in the country.

Do we blame the terrorists and the insurgents performing these acts? For sure they are the ones doing the killings and they are responsible for these deaths. They try to justify their monstrous doings by pretending that they are doing it for some cause, what cause? Well it’s all part of their babble.

We, the Iraqis…Sunnies, Shiites, Kurds, ChaldoAssyrian Christians, and all other ethnic and religious groups are the ones to blame for the state that Iraq is in now…The finger should be pointed on the Iraqis and the responsibility is no one’s but ours…we are fighting each other instead of fighting the insurgents who are destroying our land…we are looking after our own individual interests and gains instead of working towards the betterment of our Iraq as a whole…we are working hard to ignore the “other side’s” point of view, disagree with everything that they say and stomp our foot on the floor saying that our side is right and not yours….what “other side” is there anyways? Are we not all Iraqis? Of course we are despite all of our ethnic and religious differences…in fact, it is these differences that make Iraq all the great things that it is.

we should be joining each other hand in hand to secure and rebuild Iraq; we should be putting our differences aside at least until we get Iraq on its feet and functioning again. But, nooooo each side things they are right and God forbid that they agree with or acknowledge the other side, what about their dignity? Agreeing with the other side will be seen as succumbing to the other and all of their dignity will be lost.

As long as the Iraqis, starting with the government and the leaders of the country, continue to think in such a way Iraq will continue to deteriorate, the “bad guys” will continue to destroy our country, and the reconstruction efforts will continue to be stalled….I wonder when the Iraqis will finally realize this and start working together instead of against each other!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


wishing a very Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it.
Enjoy your Easter eggs and eat lots of chocolate...the Easter bunny has returned yet again:)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy New Year

UPDATE: here are links to pictures from this year's new year's celebration in Alkosh, ankawa, and Baghdad scroll down to see all the pictures (you can ignore the writing if you don't read Arabic, it is just basically saying people were celebrating the Assyrian new year)...enjoy!

it is April 1st again...Happy Assyrian New Year 6756 to all the ChaldoAssyrians worldwide!
today also happens to be the Persian New Year...I don't know if I have any Persian readers but if I do, then I wish you a very Happy New Year as well:)

here are some pictures from last year's April 1st ChaldoAssyrian celebrations in northern Iraq: