Saturday, April 02, 2005

May God rest his soul

Pope John Paul II just passed away....May his soul in heaven float in peace and watch over all of us humans here on earth.

The Pope was 84 years old, and I had the most respect for him as our church leader. Even though I disagreed with his stand in regards to the Iraq situation, yet no one can deny that he was a man who touched many lives and inspired many in the 25 years he was Pope (since 1978).

May all Christians worldwide find comfort in the fact that his body might have left us but his soul will be watching over us forever.

For those of you who find this a painful time, you might find it comforting to read the book by Mitchel Albom "the Five People You Meet in Heaven"...It is a book that I recommend for everyone whose religion mentions "heaven" not just Christians; it is a very inspiring book and it made me look at life and death differently after reading it!!!

This pure and peacful man....

who loved the children and youth....

had a powerful impact on many lives, and was able to unite people of all religions as evident from these pictures

a muslim couple attending a catholic mass for the Pope with their catholic friends!!!

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