Thursday, April 21, 2005

My Favorite Song

While I keep watching the news and working my brain for something good and unique to write about other than the common viewpoints of mine that you already know by now, I thought I could keep some of you busy by giving you a task….my favorite Arabic song at the moment is that by Marwan Khoury titled "كل القصايد" which loosely translated means “all the poems”…I love its lyrics as much as I love its music…so I want to share the lyrics with everyone.
Unfortunately, they are in Arabic, and I thought about translating them into English myself but in the end decided against that. I want someone who can really translate to do the job, because I do not want to destroy the beautiful lyrics with a sloppy translation and considering there are so many complicated Arabic words in the song (especially the beginning) then I really wouldn’t have done the song justice…plus it would have taken me forever!!!

Anyone want to give it a shot? I would love to have the English translation of the lyrics so I can post them here, then everyone will understand why I like this song: D

Click here for the lyrics in Arabic
click here to listen to the song

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