Friday, April 08, 2005

No to Blogging :-(

O.K. I am ready to scream at the top of my lungs!!! This is the second time I am writing this post b/c I was so stupid to type it yesterday using and by the time I finished writing, it wouldn’t post it because it had logged me off, and wouldn’t log me on again until today….from now on I will make sure I type my posts using Word and then copy/paste…. now let’s see if I remember everything:

Next Saturday (April 16) I have the biggest most important test of my entire academic years-the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), and as you can tell from the name I have to take it before I apply to medical school. I will apply to medical school sometime in June/July but it will be for the following year not this coming year (i.e. if I get accepted it will be for the year 2006-2007). Next year ’05-’06 will be my last year before medical school and I will receive my bachelor’s degree (4 years) in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology.

I have been studying for this test for the past 4 months, but I still don’t feel very ready :( If you are wondering why the hell was I studying for 4 months for just one test, well that is because they test us on Biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, AND physics- my favorite 4 subjects :D (Actually, biology does happen to be one of my favorite subjects) along with a verbal and a writing section. I really need to do well on this test because it is one of the two major factors which will determine if I get accepted into medical school or not (the other factor being my GPA “grade point average” which is really high and I’m not worried about it).

So now that you know how important this test is for me, you will understand why I decided to say “NO” to blogging for all of next week. I really need to spend the whole week reviewing as much as I can before I take the test, and so I won’t be blogging anything. I will also keep my visits to other blogs to a minimum or not-at-all, because as you all know blogs are quite addictive and once I start reading one I move on to the next then the one after and so on. Before I know it I find that I spent 3 or more hours of my time just staring at the computer screen and reading people’s posts.

In the meantime, I would like to ask all of you two favors:
1. Pray for me a lot this week so that I may do well on this all-important test (or if you’re a non- believer then please wish me loooooots of luck because I sure will need it).
2. Don’t lose interest in my blog or abandon it…I will be back to blogging Saturday April 16 (or Sunday since the test on Saturday is from 8am to 5:30pm so I will probably be beat by the time I finish and won’t feel like writing anything).

I will miss all of you next week, but “No blogging” was a decision I really had to make until I pass this hurdle in my academic journey.

Now all of you take care of yourselves, stay safe, and write some good posts for me to read when I’m back!!!

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