Sunday, November 06, 2005

What's Going On in France?

I was just browsing the internet quickly for news and saw this story about riots taking place in the CNN story here.

First, I am surprised I have not heard about this on T.V. since I normally turn on the news every morning when I am getting ready to go to classes. The riots have started since Oct. 27th and I do not understand how I did not hear anything in CNN or Fox being reported, hmmm...

The part I found most disturbing was this:
two schools...were burned, Hamon said. A child care center was burned in Lille in northern France.
and then it says somewhere else:
The vandalism has spread to around 20 communities with large immigrant and Muslim populations who've been plagued by poverty, unemployment and alleged discrimination. In some areas, unemployment is 25 percent

How exactly is burning schools and child care centers supposed to fix their unemployment problems???? Are the children responsible for their unemployment? I understand they are trying to the government aware of their problems (which I am sure it is); but, first rioting is not going to end their poverty or provide them with jobs; second there are many other ways to make their problems known to the government (and burning children's education places is NOT one of them); and third I don't think many people will be sympathetic to their situation when they are burning public places and endangering their fact, I would want my government to take action to stop these lunatics (which I am sure do not represent the majority of the impoverished OR immigrant OR minority families who are probably sitting quietly in their homes trying to feed their children and live their lives , and shaking their head while watching these maniacs bring chaos to the city....ok, ok that is a little dramatic but who knows maybe I'm right)

(long sigh) crazy world we live in...and it seems to be getting crazier everyday (another long sigh).

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