Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Something to be cheerful about

I found some pictures of my beautiful Baghdad during Eid Al-Fiter (the 4 day Muslim holiday that follows their fasting during the month of Ramadan)...I can't describe my feelings when I see such pictures of Iraqis, specifically the children, being happy and just enjoying their day...I was filled with excitment to see that the Iraqis are defying the odds and are enjoying their holidays, and trying to make their children have a normal life. These pictures filled my heart with joy along with getting a little homesick...they were posted by Sooni whom I found through Iraq the Model...and I am assuming that they don't mind me using the photos here in my blog...I just needed to post pictures of beautiful smiling children for a change instead of explosions and dead/injured people. I'm just posting a couple, but go to Sooni's blog for many more!

Look at their beautiful happy faces!

How adorable is she!!!

Looking at these pictures you would not think that this is is so normal, quite, peacful, and makes my heart flutter seeing people happy and just trying to bring normalcy back to their lives despite how hard it may be.

oh my Baghdad, when will it be that we meet again...

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