Tuesday, March 22, 2005

an idea waiting for implementation

I have an awesome idea that I am planning to work on starting fall semester (August-Dec.)...it was suggested by my dad after he heard how empty the libraries in Iraq are, especially university libraries.
I am planning on holding a big campaign at my university (Emory University) asking people (students, faculty, etc.) to donate any books they do not need...I feel like I can collect many science, computer science, and other categories of books...I know for a fact that many students have books that are old editions and cannot sell them anymore, so I am really hopeful about the amount of books that I will collect.

I had done a similar project when I was at a different college. despite that it was a small community college, I collected 100 books and shipped them to some people in Jordan who were supposedly delivering them to Iraq (that was before the war and I really do not know if they ever got to Iraq). however, the situation this time will be different because my dad knows some people in Iraq who will make sure the books get to the university libraries in Mosul, and one man even said that they would handle shipping expenses since I imagine they will be a lot since my university has 11,000 students (excluding faculty).

at the moment, I am only at the planning stage of this project...then, I have to talk to people at my university about strategic things....I am hoping to launch the campaign sometime in Sept. or early Oct. the latest.

also, at the moment I know the books will only be delivered to Mosul University because I do not know any trustworthy contacts who can handle such a big task in Baghdad, Basra, or other cities. I wish I could fill all of Iraq's libraries with recent books in all fields, because I know we have some big brains in Iraq who can make use of them. unfortunately, it is a task bigger than me!!!

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