Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Interesting comparison

So does everyone remember how the Iraqis were portrayed by the media immediately after the war two years ago? When the media was showing "all" the Iraqis looting, the only image people worldwide could make of us was that of a barbaric people who could not restrain themselves unless there was a ruling fist over their heads. That image disturbed me at the time a lot...

But, today I saw an interesting thing happening...gave me flashbacks to media pictures of Iraq two years ago and I could not help but compare:

after the disastrous and tragic hurricane that hit three states in the U.S. the media was reporting looting in parts of New Orleans....hmmmm, now what are people in a first world country that happens to be the greatest power in the world doing looting their country men and women instead of lending them a helping hand?

By no means do I intend to insult anyone by this. I also know that some of you reading this post will be upset by it, but I have a point with all of this...different kinds of people exist everywhere...a looter is a looter whether he is American or Iraqi or whatever, and the same applies to an honest person. Decent people can be found worldwide even in the least expected places.

So, maybe this looting should teach us a small lesson that we should not judge a whole nation’s citizens based on the acts of a few…oh and also learn to pick and choose what to believe from what the media shows.

Just a thought that came to mind…

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