Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Iraqi's reaction to THE VERDICT

what strikes me as interesting is how quickly Iraqis change their opinions…this post is a little late but I glanced over some posts of bloggers regarding Saddam’s death sentence…it was only a little over three years ago when the war started and almost every Iraqi wanted Saddam dead. In fact, most Iraqis did not even want the monster to die an easy “drop a bomb into a building” death. Instead, most wanted him to suffer and be killed in the most horrible way possible. Of course, I understood their sentiments; it was the result of many years of oppression during which feelings of anger, frustration and desperation were suppressed for a long time only to be suddenly unleashed as the regime fell.

However, I would like to think that Iraqis still despise Saddam, and that they haven’t already forgotten what it was like living under his tyranny. I was shocked to read that many of the bloggers either disagreed with the death sentence or were apathetic about the ruling. APATHETIC?!!! How in the world can Iraqis be apathetic about giving Saddam the justice he long deserved??? If Iraqis are apathetic about this, then what reaction should we expect from the rest of the world? This is just so baffling to me!

Yes, I admit, when I first heard the news I was not as excited as I should be, because of the worsening situation in Iraq. But then I started thinking about what this means…SADDAM IS REALLY GOING TO DIE!!! I mean that is great news, and even though it will not fix the current situation in Iraq, it is a step forward to achieving the justice that the Iraqis have been longing to see in their country…shouldn’t the mother whose son was killed in the many wars waged by Saddam be ecstatic to see the man who caused it all brought to justice? What about the families who lost their fathers, sons, brothers because they dared to have some kind of political affiliation other than the Ba’ath party? What about the families whose girls where kidnapped and raped? Shouldn’t EVERY Iraqi who lived and suffered under the past regime be overcome with joy that the verdict against Saddam has been reached and it is nothing other than DEATH BY HANGING? I think the answer to such a question is obvious.

So to the Iraqi people I say you absolutely CANNOT be indifferent about this decision. We have all been waiting for this day for so long and now that it is here you say you’re indifferent? This is one of the first victories for the Iraqis against the haters and destroyers of Iraq, so how can you be apathetic about your victory? You should be celebrating and gaining confidence in winning more and bigger battles against the evils that have invaded our country!