Sunday, October 23, 2005

I've been tagged by Fayrouz!

so I was forced into doing this by Fay from "Iraqi in America", but hey it was fun to do!!!

Seven things I plan to do:
1.Get my bachelor’s degree this year
2.Go to medical school
3.Travel the world starting with Europe
4.Visit Alkosh / Iraq
5.Remain optimistic in spite of obstacles (which is too hard to do)
6.Make some difference in the world
7.Find the man of my dreams (preferably riding on a white horse, hehe:))

Seven things I can do:
2.Be honest
3.Express my opinion
4.Shop for clothes and shoes:)
5.Be a loyal friend
6.Drive a car

Seven things I can’t do:
1.Live without hot black tea
2.Sing or dance (although I pretend that I can)
3.Lie (really, when I try I’m so bad at it)
4.Play sports
5.Go bungee jumping or skydiving
6.Change a flat tire (although I want to learn)
7.Eat sushi / seafood

Seven things I say most often:
2.I’m sleepy
3.I have to study / go to the library
4.Thank you
5.I know (when I probably don’t:))
6.MCATs / med school (these words seem to dominate my life these days)
7.I’m so cold (even during summer!)

Seven people I want to pass this tag to:
1.Zeyad of “Healing Iraq
2.Tara of “Tara
3.Liana of “Ishtarria
4.Ahmad of “Iraqi Expat
5.Omar and Mohammad of “Iraq the Model
6.A.J. Nolte of “Rightward bound
7.PebblePie of “PebblePie

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Saddam: your time has come...may you suffer until you rot!

Update: trial has been postponed and the defense has been given until Nov. 28th to build his case... blah, as if he has a case...this sucks!

Today is judgment day for Saddam, or at least the start of it. He will stand trial for one of the many charges brought against him. This charge is about the Dujail incident that took place in 1982 (3 years after he seized power). I had never heard the story before, probably because I was not even born then. Apparently during one of his visits to the town an assassination attempt was made against him, but he escaped unharmed only to later return to the town and unleash his wrath on its people. He killed and imprisoned many including women and children. Imagine, this was only 3 years after he had seized power…three years and people were already fed with him and his crimes. I mean what was it? Wasn’t it just when he had become president that they showed that televised meeting where he started pointing people out from the audience and his guards would go escort them out of the room (to their death!). The Iraqi people watched in their homes the pleas and cries of these men, while the bastard showed no mercy at all. His plan from the start was that of terrorizing the Iraqi people, letting them realize that “I own you now, you better do as I say or else you will never see the light of day again.” And I cannot believe people around the world fell for our act, and at one point of time, thought that we actually loved him…
The Dujail case is one small tiny example of how much people despised him, and wished him dead. I remember when I was in Iraq and a conversation with relatives or close friends would start about cancer or some other terrible disease of this day and age that so and so has (or recently died from or something), and the conversation would always turn where someone would say “with all these people wishing him dead, you would think he would be the first one to get cancer…how come it’s the good people dying, while the bastard reigns freely…why doesn’t he get cancer or some other terrible disease?” Now I understood that people were saying this as their way of expressing their deep frustration, but you know with me being me I did not like hearing things like that, because I would always think that there must be some reason for this (which I have not figured out yet).
Anyways, so the whole world will get the opportunity to see Saddam’s trial as they are allowing it to be taped with a 20 minute delay…finally the people of Dujail, as well as the rest of the Iraqi people, can watch this monster get what he deserves for all of the crimes that he has committed over the 23 years that he was in power (or maybe a little less of what he deserves since what he deserves would be to cut him into little pieces while he begs for mercy, but we cannot do that because that would make us like him). Finally, we can see justice (or the beginning of it) take place in Iraq…all of these years Iraq was the ideal example of injustice, fear, totalitarianism, discrimination, and murder of innocent people…it is about time that the Iraqis start setting a different kind of ideal for the world (maybe setting an ideal is too extreme, a good start would be just working our way to some already existing model) that of justice, peace, democracy, and equality…qualities that have been so foreign to the Iraqis up until now, but it is about time that they start learning and implementing them, and Saddam’s trial and sentence (since there is absolutely no doubt that he will be convicted) is the first step towards achieving these beautiful ideals.

p.s. sorry for not blogging for so long, but my life is way too hectic these days (and will probably be this way for the rest of the semester)...but Saddam's trial is way too exciting for me to miss blogging about.